About Us


Haynes Ambulance of Alabama has a proven clinical tract record that spans over 30 years for providing quality emergency medical services to the citizens of Alabama. We are proud to stand behind our reputation of providing medical care and treatment for anyone in need. Our outlook is simple, Good Patient Care is Good Business. Often ambulance companies place business in front of patient care, trying to get the most bang from the least available resources to gain quick profits. Our success in the Ambulance profession has come from providing a consistent and honest service. Our longevity in this business has proven that if we focus on providing the best patient care possible, the result will be a strong, financially sound corporation that Haynes Ambulance is today.


Haynes Ambulance was started in 1969 by W. A. Haynes in Wetumpka AL. Mr. Haynes served Elmore County for over 39 continuous years. In 1977 his son Tony Haynes established our operation which is Haynes Ambulance of Alabama, Inc. in Montgomery AL. Today, our operations cover three counties in Central Alabama (Elmore,Montgomery, and Pike) as well as Maxwell Air Force Base; additionally, we have a variety of mutual aid agreements with various surrounding cities / counties (municipal and private agencies).

Our coverage area is approximately 1420 square miles, from 9 strategically located stations throughout our service area. Approximately 180 full-time and part-time Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) and Paramedics care for emergency and convalescent patients, serving a population of over 500,000 citizens with over 35 ground ambulances.  Every EMT and Paramedic is trained in the latest procedures, and every ambulance carries the latest in cutting edge, life-saving technology.